The most revolutionary and comprehensive learning, conferencing, collaboration and education technology platform ever made.
With unparalleled expertise and experience in education and learning technology, ScholarLab has designed and built the most revolutionary learning platform ever made. Built from the ground up, it addresses the demanding needs and challenges of today's organizations and their learners.

For organizations of all types and sizes

  • Solutions that cover every aspect of your learning, education or training & development programs

  • Technology made simple and sized to fit your unique needs and strategy

Learning Management Real-time meetings and collaboration E-commerce

Cutting-edge, comprehensive set of features

Robust learning management and powerful e-commerce, conferencing and collaboration capabilities packaged to meet all aspects of your learning, education, and training & development programs.


Modular and highly customizable around every aspect of your organization's needs, vision and strategy.

Intuitive, easy to use interface

Our easy to use interface saves everyone valuable time and money. With ScholarLab, learners and administrators require minimal training. They spend more time learning and less time navigating the system.

Comprehensive services & solutions

We offer more than just revolutionary technology: from simple online conference packages to the most sophisticated multimedia online courses to helping your organization define it's e-learning strategy, our full line of services and consulting let's you focus on your organization's core business, while we handle the rest.

Secure, modern technology

Technology changes quickly and ScholarLab is always one step ahead. With ScholarLab you will always have the highest level of security for your content and users.

ScholarLab mobile

ScholarLab offers an easy-to-use mobile platform that lets your learners access content on the go and everywhere. Our mobile solutions allow for secure user authentication and secure access to content. The learning experience is seamless as learners gain access to the same content available on your ScholarLab hosted learning management system. All activities are tracked automatically and the intuitive user interface helps to ensure rapid user adoption and an easy to use system.